The HG160FNY Activity


Historical background

Austria attached Hungary on December 2. 1848.

The National Defense Board was relocated from the Capital to the city of Debrecen in the hope that the Capital City, as-well-as the Country can be saved from destruction.

The Austrian army occupied the Capital and Transdanubium 160 years ago.

The expanded Parliament convened in the Great Cathedral of Debrecen and declared the second time the deposition of the ruling Austrian Habsburgs, also declared the independence of Hungary.

On the same day Lajos Kossuth was elected as Governing President.

The Hungarian Government was reestablished with Bertalan Szemere as Prime Minister.


Dear Ham Friends,

The radio amateurs of the City of Debrecen remind us to these historical events 160 years ago by issuing special callsigns and a Commemorative Diploma.



Technical Informations in Connection with the HG160FNY Activity:


The activity is starting on April 1, 2009, ending on July 31, 2009 using the callsigns listed below.

Our licence is valid until December 31, 2009, allowing us to take up some other special events later on after this activity with the same callsigns.


The QSO-s are valid on all bands including HF and VHF/UHF in all modes mixed (including digitals too) but to be eligible for the Commemorative Diploma, a callsign can only be used once and in one mode. In the VHF/UHF FM mode, only simplex contacts are acceptable.


The principal callsign is: HG160FNY with different operators, QSL manager: HA0DX – Zoli.


Individual special callsigns:

HA160DX, op: Zoli HA0DX,

HA160KA, op: István HA0KA,

HA160NDE, op: Vince HA0NDE,

HG160BW, op: Imre HA0BW,

HG160JUV, op: Vili HG7JUV.


Stations with individual callsigns have no QSL managers. The request QSL cards should be addressed to the Central QSL Bureau, handled as a conventional card.


We will send a special QSL card for each contact with a special station.

Foreign countries that disallow the use of the bureau, the QSL card can be sent through regular mail to the station including a reply envelope and $2 USA or 1 IRC, we will send back our card with regular mail also.


Conditions to get the Commemorative Diploma:

A contact with HG160FNY station;


Two more contacts with stations participating in the event with two different callsigns independent of mode or frequency. These stations are:

HA160DX,  HA160KA,  HA160NDE,  HG160BW,  HG160JUV.


The log extract of the contacts with the special stations must be included in the request.


Diploma prize:  1000 HUF  or  5 EURO  or  $7 USD.


Requests should be sent to: HA0DX,

AndrAsik ZoltAn, 4033 Debrecen, Gyalog u. 14., HUNGARY.



Wishing you a great success and mni DX – 73 – but HA0DX, Zoli.